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When you are considering buying a new home for more living space, why not consider remodeling your current home, as it is sure to be far less expensive? At Cypress Home Remodeling Company, we have helped many homeowners see their current home’s potential. Whether you need another bedroom, want to extend your master suite, need to refinish the basement to create a home gym, office, laundry space, or man cave, we can build it for you. The sky’s the limit regarding what we can offer for your room additions. Call to learn more.

Why Add a Room

If you expect a new addition to your family, such as a baby or a parent, you may want more living space to accommodate them. When you purchase a home that lacks the needed amount of living space for any reason, it is more cost-effective to simply have another room added on to your home. We have performed many add-ons and are fully aware of the permits, licensing, and regulations involving how they are to be done. Don’t worry; this is what we do for a living. We will ensure that whatever you want to have done is lawfully performed.

Quality Craftsmanship

You can always expect to receive quality craftsmanship when working with Cypress Home Remodeling Company. When you want to receive the best value for your money, we would highly recommend that you contact us for your room addition needs. As qualified professionals, we take our time to ensure that the work is done right. You can always expect us to evaluate our work every step of the day to ensure that we offer you the best craftsmanship possible. We’re committed to your total satisfaction, evidenced by the quality of work you’ll receive from us.

When you hire Cypress Home Remodeling Company, you get the best value for your money. We use quality materials and offer superior craftsmanship. You won’t have to worry about your room looking unfinished, as we pay close attention to the details of the job we perform for you. As qualified professional remodeling contractors, we will offer you the room addition that you have always wanted and one that you need. Call on our team of experts for a free estimate when you want to expand your home, and let us provide you with the added space.

Home addition cost

Do you think a new house would cost you more money? Well, the cost of a home addition differs greatly depending on how many room additions you choose and the material you use. Custom kitchen cabinets cost a lot more than pre-fabricated kitchens and appliances. If you add a little more living space to your backyard, then the price is very different to adding an entire second floor. Adding master suites and a master bathroom can significantly increase resale value. Cypress Home Remodeling Company will be happy to assist in financing the construction of new houses or projects. We will work closely with you on your free consultation to get all the details right. Please see the following loan options!

Exclusive Renovation Process

Cypress Home Remodeling Company offers a remodeling procedure that reduces the time it takes to build a home. Essentially it simplifies the required steps such as purchasing the permits and ordering all the products in advance, enabling you to stay in your house without disruption or demolition until we have completed all the work to put it all back together. We aim to return your home to life within the shortest possible timeframe.


The architects of this project will help conceptualize your new space and design an optimal addition plan. They will work with you to determine your needs in order to design the perfect layout for your new space. We will meet with you to find your desired cabinet layout to meet your needs as well as your aesthetics. We can show you a complete rendering of your space. Our interior designers are ready to assist you in putting together your new home addition project. Their team will assist in the material selection, like fixtures, countertops, and flooring.


We have a dedicated Onboarding Coordination team that will assist you in making sure your project gets started with a smooth process and ensures it is smooth. Your Onboarding Coordinator will schedule your meeting to finish your entire design, ranging from spatial layout to fixture and finish. After your design is approved, it goes on to get engineering & permits. During the Onboarding stage, Cypress Home Remodeling Company planning engineers worked behind the scenes to schedule the contractors and their vendors to start building.


When everything has finished, the construction phase begins. Your project will be detailed in a timeline spanning all stages from demolition to installation. Your journey is monitored in a complete manner. Our team of engineers can be of service answering your questions or keeping you informed of your next move. They can support your project throughout the building phase to ensure that your expectations are met at all stages.

All right

Once everything is authorized you move into an approved phase with the project moving to a “completely approved” phase. It is designed to reduce time for construction by ensuring everything is at work. We can assist in building your home and making your project ready. Final reveal

Room Additions Houston Done Right

The room extension and multi-room house addition is ideal for people who are looking to expand their home to more space. Cypress Home Remodeling Company offers a variety of renovation projects and a wide variety to choose from. We are here to help you to achieve your dream. We’re going to be keeping you updated throughout the process. Our staff will be able to minimize interruptions for you and your family. Call us for an estimate or to arrange a meeting now!

Second story additions for your Houston home

Are there any other items I can add to my arsenal? Maybe your home has not allowed you enough room. There can always be another room in your house through a second story addition. We are ready to help you design an ideal loft, attic, recreation space, bedroom, and bathroom, if you wish. A second-story house may be an ideal spot for families or teenagers to get away. Regardless of the project’s requirements the architects will be able to develop the perfect layout.

Room addition cost overview

The dimensions and the costs of your room addition projects depend based on the function of the room and its types and features. Below we list some commonly added rooms and their expenses. Each is more comprehensive in the next paragraph. Home office: $18,000 – $35,000 – Built out: $1200 – $890. Dormer: $483801 — $75563. Balcony: $500 – $1400 Laundry Room: $55,000 – $8000. Mudroom: $10,000. The entire project can be upwards of $10,000, or more if you want to include all of the details.

Labor cost breakdown

The cost of your construction project depends on its complexity and quality, and it also varies according to the typical cost of materials and labor in your area. Remember that your builder will pay for subcontractors too. Lets take a deeper look at average labor costs.

Room addition cost by project

We gather the best rooms and calculated costs to provide a more accurate ROI. The figure can vary if you decide to go more expensive with hardwood floors or custom built-ins. These include:

In-law suite

The in-law suite (or mother-in-law suite) or accessory house is generally composed of one bedroom, two bathrooms, a kitchen, and an en-suite living area. It is a very small apartment. It can be attached or detached. An ADU is where a homeowner can place visitors, adults, children, or seniors in the living room. It’ll be a lot cheaper in bathrooms. Whenever plumbing involves costs, the location of sanitary fixtures and plumbing is often unknown to the homeowner.


If a garage isn’t big enough and if your residence has no space for one, a garage addition may be the only option. Adding heating insulation, drainage, and storage to the garage increases the overall cost. In the state of Texas where parking spaces are more widespread than garages, homeowners can reduce the cost of garage additions by converting carports which already have shingles and walls.

Master suite

A master suite or master bedroom adds significant storage space, functional, comfort and privacy to the property, which also increases the most value. Most of the bedrooms have closets and full bathrooms. The worth of the ensuite is dependent upon the amount of additional space the home offers, as well as what is typical for the local economy. If this is a significant improvement, then the cost may be too low.


A sunroom is ideal for enjoying the early afternoon coffee, cultivating plants, reading or just sitting and relaxing. However, adding a sun room in our homes can be expensive. A 3-season sunroom is a bit pricey. It’s even more expensive to install a 4-season room with insulation, a heating and cooling unit, and sometimes a bathroom.


Dormers were formerly incorporated into an attic remodeling project. A dormer carved from the roof’s edge provides ventilation and light and an escape from the attic. It also enhances the beauty of home. The cost of the bathroom is a lot higher. The resulting savings can be extended by reducing electricity usage.

Home office

While the demand for office space in homes has increased, compared with other office buildings the added value isn’t exactly what you expect. However, home office is tax free for self-employed individuals. In case you need supplementary room, one option is to remove wall. These often have a small floor plan and small closet, but can increase resale value. Home offices are often a new room that is built, and can often be used as an additional bedroom if need be.

Theater room (media room or game room)

Theater rooms are very comfortable and relaxing places for friends and families to relax and enjoy. A house theater should be properly installed so that you will pay more to the designers. The estimated below also considers purchasing the theater projectors, which are estimated to average $17500. This is a room addition that the whole family will enjoy.


A mud room or exit is an informal entrance or exit in your residence usually placed on a side entrance or rear entrance. It also provides storage areas and supplies for clothing and shoes. Often mudroom costs will increase with utility sinks, washing machines, dryers, and heating.


Costs of remodeling and extending kitchens depend on their design and extent. It costs money to re-use and renovate a kitchen. The price for custom kitchens will be higher. When renovating the kitchen the amount of money the owner will owe depends on the value of their home.

Laundry room

The laundry room may be in an area where the stairs can get a little dirty or your clothes can easily be carried up by the stairs. Adding laundry rooms will provide more visual appeal and convenient facilities as well as increasing home value. Consider adding this to your next room addition project, as this will likely increase the value of your entire house.


The average return on equity on investments of 80% can help add outdoor living areas, curb appeal and a lot of value to a property. Several factors causing increased costs for porch additions include the addition of stairs and screens. The property size is a big factor in determining whether this home improvement addition is worth it.


Add more living spaces to a two story balcony in your house. The cost for adding the balcony varies based on several variables including size, material, type of balustrade / railings / and contractor you choose.



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