Landscaping and hardscaping are two of the simplest and least expensive ways to increase the value of a Cypress, TX, home. Good landscaping impacts people’s first impressions of a home and significantly increases the owner’s enjoyment.

However, not all landscaping projects will provide a good return on investment. On the other hand, a patio is one addition that will always be worth the time and money of homeowners.

Patios were once highly popular, but they began to decline for unknown reasons. However, they are making a comeback, and many homeowners wonder if adding a patio to their homes is a worthwhile choice.

Yes, the answer is yes. Patios are one of the few home additions that are both simple and aesthetically pleasing, as well as completely functional. A well-constructed patio is elegant and significantly adds to a home’s value.

When it comes time to sell the house, patios can be counted on to raise the price by a significant amount. Buyers will offer more for a home on purpose if it has a patio. And data from the market shows that having this one feature can add 12.4% to the value of a property.

But what makes a patio such a great addition to a house, and what should homeowners keep in mind when building one?

The Benefits of a Patio are Specific and Tangible

  • A Patio Increases The Living Space Of A Home.

A patio extends the living space of a house beyond its four walls. It increases its square footage without the need for costly demolition and construction. The patio connects the living room to an outdoor sitting area.

And, if done properly, that space can be seamlessly connected to the rest of the house. Patios allow homeowners to bring elements of the outdoors inside, combining the benefits of the outdoors with the comfort of being indoors.

  • Patios Are Ideal For Outdoor Cooking.

Patios are an excellent way to remove the cooking from the kitchen. A grill or fire feature on the patio creates a welcoming atmosphere for family gatherings. A patio adds an exotic flair to mealtimes and allows people to spend more time together. And, if there is space for a hot tub or an outdoor heater, the patio provides a low-cost and always-available winter escape.

  • Patios Are Excellent For Entertaining Guests

Having a party outside rather than in the living room is far more enjoyable. A few chairs and music from an iPod are all that is needed to transform a patio into a space for entertaining guests.

Having a party on the patio allows adults to enjoy themselves while the children can use the living room or sleep without being disturbed by the noise.

  • Versatility

Another reason to invest in a patio rather than other home additions is the versatility it provides to the property. It is simple to get away from the stresses of the day and find solace outside without ever leaving the house. By furnishing the patio with high-quality patio furniture or lounge chairs, homeowners create a convenient break that does not take them away from their work.

  • A Patio Is a Long-Lasting Option

Patios outlast other outdoor living updates, such as decks, which can rot and eventually need to be replaced. Your patio will become a permanent part of your backyard if you choose a durable stone option designed to withstand heavy weight and years of outdoor exposure.

  • No Need For A Time-Consuming Planning Permit

Finally, adding a patio to a home does not necessitate the time-consuming process of obtaining planning permits. Homeowners in Cypress, TX, who add a patio can avoid the hassle of getting the necessary paperwork. Building a patio is thus one of the quickest ways to add value to a home if the owner intends to sell it soon.

Getting The Most Out Of A Patio

However, adding a patio to a home will not result in all of the above benefits unless homeowners follow these guidelines.

  • The size of the patio should be proportional to the size of the yard. There is no set size for constructing a patio, but the structure should complement the size and shape of the backyard.

A large patio with no green space will reduce the property’s value. Similarly, a small patio in a large backyard will not entice buyers. The patio should blend in with the rest of the property and appear to have been designed and built at the same time as the house.

  • The patio should not be isolated from the rest of the house. The nearest structure door should be 15-30 steps away. A standalone patio will be less effective at the things that patios are meant to do. For example, moving food from the kitchen to the patio will be difficult if it is not close to the kitchen.
  • Building a patio in the front yard where everyone can see what’s going on inside is not a good idea. Patios should provide some privacy from onlookers and nosy neighbors.

That is how constructing a patio can increase the value of your home.


A simple patio is your best bet because it can be used as a blank canvas. Two people may have completely different ideas for what to do with a patio, which could range from an outdoor dining area to a romantic lounge area. Whoever buys your house will be excited to add your patio to their outdoor living vision.

So, where do you begin when installing a new patio? Work with an experienced installation company like our remodeling company in Cypress, TX, to ensure that your new hardscape is professionally built from high-quality materials. We’ve been helping homeowners improve their yards with beautiful new patios for many years. We work closely with each of our customers, beginning with an initial consultation at their homes to fully understand their aims for a new patio. In addition, we construct patios with durable, aesthetically pleasing pavers from industry-leading manufacturers. Almost all of the pavers we use are extremely durable and can withstand the weight of furniture and other heavy fixtures.

If you have any further questions about outdoor patios and whether they can add value to your home, please contact our remodeling company in Cypress, TX. All of your questions will be answered by a member of our team.

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