Millions of homeowners do kitchen remodeling projects every year. Some people do it more than once in their lives. No matter the project, if you take the time to plan, research, and hire the best quality you can afford, you can avoid many mistakes that will cost you a lot of money. Having reasonable expectations about how long things will take and how much they will affect your daily life will help things go more smoothly. Here are a few key things that will give you more foresight.

Define Your Goals for the Finished Project

Know what you want to achieve with your project from the beginning, even if it’s just a wish list. Needs should be at the top of your list. The first requirement for today’s multi-purpose kitchens is usually functionality. Want an improved floor plan? Do you require additional storage? Or do you want a place where the whole family can gather every night? If you can articulate what you want, you’ll be able to make better decisions. This gives you a better idea of how the project will turn out. Did you meet your goals?

There are Right Ways and Wrong Ways to do Things

Even small kitchen remodeling projects necessitate careful planning. You will need to have all the puzzle pieces and know how they will fit together. It takes professionals years of experience, and many wrong turns before they feel comfortable taking shortcuts. Following manufacturer recommendations and permitted guides, along with follow-up inspections, is always the best course of action.

Know Your Space

The most important physical aspect of remodeling success is measurement. Making changes when there are surprises in your space is key to remodeling success. Especially if you’re knocking out walls, you must at least have a general idea of what you might find there before you begin. Having information on the history of your home, such as previous permits, old blueprints, and so on, can help you plan for the unexpected.

Have Realistic Expectations

Your remodeling budget should include a 20% contingency line item in today’s market. Don’t forget the additional costs of eating out or renting a temporary kitchen. When it comes to one of the most valuable assets most people own, shoestring budgets are not ideal. Budget-wise, you get what you pay for. Unless you shop for special pricing, cheaper products and services are generally inexpensive. If the work isn’t good and the workers don’t know what they’re doing, your project will quickly become frustrating. Your expectations about when things will be done need to be realistic, so plan for and expect delays. Even for people who do things themselves, getting the things they need can take a while.

Know Your Limits

If you want to do a DIY or “do it with me” remodeling project, be honest about your abilities. It’s best to leave it to the professionals if you don’t know what you’re doing. Kitchen remodels are one of the most challenging home improvement projects. Success requires knowledge, experience, and the ability to have and utilize the appropriate tools. If you’re trying to reset your smart thermostat, YouTube is fine, but the skills and knowledge needed to successfully remodel a kitchen are significant. Hiring a contractor is unquestionably worth the money and time saved.

Hire Contractors with References and Licensing

A contractor’s job is to coordinate your project and ensuring a successful outcome. Before signing the contract, obtain references and inspect the quality of the contractor’s previous projects. Hiring an unlicensed contractor puts your most valuable asset at risk. Even if you are familiar with a contractor and their work, licensing, certification, necessary insurance, and bonding is required to protect your home.

Get Everything in Writing

It makes sense to have a written contract for a complete home remodeling project, but even for smaller projects, you should keep documentation in case something goes wrong. When you agree on the terms and price, a signed contract clarifies any disagreement. The contract’s terms bind both you and the contractor. Make certain you can complete your side and live up to your responsibilities.

Don’t Be in a Hurry. One Step at a Time

Proper planning is essential for a successful project. Everyone understands that everyone wants their project completed as soon as possible, and no one enjoys living without a kitchen. Nothing, however, is more costly than having to do the same thing twice. When you rush or force contractors to rush, you make hasty decisions with costly consequences.

Never Cut Corners

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Keep this in mind throughout the course of your project when it comes to selecting appliances, cabinets, fixtures, and other materials. Hiring contractors and subcontractors, as well as obtaining permits and inspections, are all part of the process. Cutting corners may save you time and money in the short term, but consider the consequences in the long run.

You owe it to yourself to thoroughly plan your project in terms of finances, personal time, and lifestyle. You may experience some frustration and setbacks now, but you will be grateful that you took the necessary precautions to avoid common pitfalls that others face.

How to Choose a Remodeling Contractor

Ask for Referrals

 Word of mouth is hands down, the best way to find a qualified professional to handle the job. Ask relatives, friends, and neighbors with whom they’ve had good experiences. Inquire about what made it a positive experience, how the contractor handled problems, and whether he or she would hire the same contractor again.

Look at Credentials

With recommendations in hand, conduct preliminary research by phone or by visiting the contractor’s website. Check to see if they have all of the necessary licenses from state and local municipalities and any professional associations such as the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the National Association of Homebuilders. Look for contractors who have completed coursework and passed rigorous tests to obtain specific certifications. However, keep in mind that not all certifications are created equal. Do some research to determine the requirements.

Interview Candidates

Set up meetings with the candidates you’ve chosen. Keep it to three contractors at most, as anything more can be confusing. The way a contractor responds to questions is critical, but communication happens both ways. Candidates should ask a lot of questions, too.

Check References

If you approve, you should request references and contact the contractors’ previous clients to verify their reputation. Inquire about the contractors’ performance in completing the projects. Were they on time? Were the clients satisfied with the result? Was there anything that might have been performed differently?

Remember that when you hire a remodeler, you buy a service rather than a product. The quality of the service determines the quality of the finished project. When interviewing a remodeler, here are some things to look into and questions to ask.

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